Our Business

Trading :

We are a specialized apparel sourcing company in Bangladesh. We add value for our customers by efficiently managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting our customers’ needs through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery. We offer our customers the following services for apparel sourcing:

Fabric Sourcing

As a primary check to ensure quality, we guide suppliers as to proper source of fabric and identify industries which can timely deliver high quality fabric of desired weight, construction, color etc.

Identifying Supplier

We assess factories based on their capacity, capability as well as strict adherence to environmental and safety guidelines as well as labor laws.


We arrange samples from appropriate suppliers according to buyers’ guidelines completely free of charge.


We closely examine every factor of the cost of production and use our local market knowledge to guarantee the most competitive pricing.

Quality Control

  1. Once an order has been placed with a supplier, we take the following steps to see that only correct merchandise is shipped.
  2. We draw samples of fabric to be used and check its quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, etc. We call for lab-dips and obtain buyers’ approval of shades before bulk fabric is dyed.
  3. Before production is started, we obtain approval sample and check it minutely in all respects such as size specification, workmanship, cleanliness and proper fit of the garment.
  4. We also suggest from time to time, possible improvements in production process to improve workmanship and get perfect merchandise.
  5. Our quality controllers visit factories at regular intervals, making surprise checks, to see that only the correct quality is produced and reject sub-standard and defective pieces in the production pipeline itself.
  6. When the consignment is ready, we carry out systematic inspection as suggested by our buyers. If the merchandise is found satisfactory, we issue a certificate of inspection.

Following Up

We follow up each order in precise details from fabric to garment, to shipment stage. At each stage of the process, the buyer is updated and kept informed of the actual status of their order.

Shipping/Cargo Handling/ Post Shipment Services

Please refer to our logistics section below.

Ancillary Services

We advise our buyers on changes in market trends, new developments as well any changes in government policies or regulations. We also fully assist our customers visiting Bangladesh through the arrangement of accommodation, transportation, scheduling and arranging meetings and factory visits, etc.


Through our sister concern, “Liberty Logistics”, we guarantee efficient, cost-effective and flexible supply chain solutions to our customers to satisfy their every logistics need. We maintain a wide network of extremely reliable international freight forwarding agents around the globe as well as have extensive relationships with major ocean carriers and airlines to assure seamless timely delivery. We offer the following services in logistics:

Freight Transportation

We deliver freight of any kind, to any place via air, ocean or road and pride ourselves in providing our customers with the personal attention that they need throughout the process.

  1. Sea Freight: Available worldwide with leading shipping lines offering FCL, LCL, out of gauge, project shipping, conventional and RO RO. We can arrange containers to be placed at your premises to be loaded and prepare all export documents to cover shipment.
  2. Air Freight: Catering for all documentation and available with leading airlines.
  3. Export Packaging: No consignment is beyond our capabilities - wooden cases, waterproof lined if necessary, hazardous to IATA standard you name it.

Customs Brokerage and Insurance

Our expertise in customs brokerage ensures that we remove the complexities associated with customs processing of our shipments and in dealing with local authorities. Our large team of highly experienced customs brokerage personnel has been dealing with the local Customs authorities for over 25 years and is well versed in current rules and regulations.

Warehousing and Security Services

We provide warehousing services for the shipments of our customers. Having our own space allows us to store your shipments and handle stuffing of containers with greater efficiency. For export cargo we will collect, store and ship in accordance with your instructions, whilst on imports we will arrange delivery from port, store and dispatch directly to your customer. At our bonded warehouse your export shipments can be stored without payment of government taxes, which only become due for payment when removed.

Door-to-Door Service

With our wide network of agents worldwide, we offer door to door services for your shipments.

Security Services

We take every measure to ensure sure that your shipments are safe and secure.